Gas Fireplace Repair

gas fireplace repair 150x150 Gas Fireplace RepairSettling down in the warmth and comfort of a crackling fire in your living room is something every one craves for and rightly so. Fireplaces have become an integral part of modern American housing plans owing to their importance which dates back to the Victorian era. At present, the ancient central hearth and chimney is available to us in the form of a gas fireplace which is designed to give the maximum output at minimum cost and maintenance, signaling a revolutionary change in the central heating system. You can keep this pleasant heating part of your home in top shape with some simple gas fireplace repair knowledge.

Gas Fireplace Fuel Types

The choice of fuel is the basis of the efficiency of a typical gas fireplace. Frankly, they can be installed anywhere in your house where the wiring is available. Moreover, using gas instead of traditional wooden logs increases the overall heating capability of the heating system as well provides benefits such as instant startup, no need for tending, no municipal burning restrictions either and more. While there is no indoor pollution to be worried about, there is also a constant heat supply which is safer and warmer as well as hassle-free.

gas fireplace repair 2 150x150 Gas Fireplace RepairAlthough it seems like a deal worth every dollar you are planning to spend, it is to be kept in mind that gas fireplaces come with their own bag of problems. Let us have a look at how some of the common problems concerning the gas fireplaces can be fixed at home.

Important.  Please ensure that the gas supply is turned off before you start the repairing process. Additionally, it is advisable to turn it off when the fireplace is not being used in order to avert any accidents due to leakage.

Gas Fireplace Startup Issues

In case the fireplace does not switch on, it might be due to the unlit pilot light. Open the vent and check if there is a small, blue flame at the bottom of the gas fireplace unit. You can light it again using a match-stick or a lighter. To make sure you have no electrical problem, simply set the pilot light valve to the PILOT position. Press and hold it for about 30 seconds. This can be one of the simplest gas fireplace repair tasks that you can do. While the button is pressed down, push the restart button and see if there is a spark or a flame. Absence of spark might indicate electrical issues with the pilot light control unit.

Burner Problems with your Gas Fireplace

Another common problem associated with using gas fireplace units is due to the main burner functioning very sluggishly or not turning on at all. This mainly occurs due to loose wiring. So check the wiring of the burner as well as the voltage being provided. Adequate wiring and voltage can effectively solve this problem. Additionally, for a better performance, it is advised to clean the burner along with the stem.

Gas fireplace repair of a Defective Thermocouple

gas fireplace repair startup issues 150x150 Gas Fireplace RepairThe thermocouple works as a feedback mechanism, keeping the room temperature under control by regulating the heat supply. A malfunctioning thermocouple can be one of the reasons leading to the sluggish burning of the main burner as mentioned above. To ensure that it works properly, the thermocouple is to be tightly fitted in the gas control valve. Moreover, check the system’s wiring against the diagram provided with the unit’s manual. If the problem persists, it is best to have the device replaced.

Inconsistent Heating with your fireplace

The issue of inconsistent or non-uniform heating can be solved by checking if the fireplace fan is functioning properly or not. Getting it fixed might instantly solve this issue.

Sooty glass pane

gas fireplace sooty gas pane 150x150 Gas Fireplace RepairIf there is soot deposited on the glass front of your gas fireplace, it might indicate a venting problem. Make sure that the fireplace logs are not misaligned and the venting tube is not blocked by soot or dirt. It is suggested that you call a professional to deal with the venting problem.

If the fireplace unit still refuses to work when all is said and done, it is time to call in the professional technicians to perform the gas fireplace repair. It is highly crucial to have your fireplace unit in the perfect condition so as to avoid any serious accidents caused by a faulty device.